This Is the Healthiest Food in the World since it Resolves Hypertension, Cholesterol, Heart Attacks, and Prevents Stroke

There is no just one healthy food in the world, but lots of them that are very beneficial for the health. Dates are one of the fruits that are considered to be among the healthiest and powerful foods. The great presence of nutrients can improve the health in general and significantly.

See what benefits you’ll obtain form consuming dates regularly:

  • Blood related issues

In 100 grams of dates can be found o.90mg of iron which is equal to 11% of the daily and recommended intake; people who suffer from anemia, pregnant woman and children also should be conceder of including daily consumption of dates.  Consumption of dates and the iron in it balance the hemoglobin, the red blood cells and improves the oxygen flow to the blood.

  • Treats constipation

Dates have a property of mild laxative. So when you have problem with constipation just prepare the following drink: put some dates in a cup of water and leave them overnight. In the morning drink the water. Digestion will be improved significantly.

  • Prevents diarrhea

Dates are rich in potassium which is important mineral and can prevent or stop diarrhea by relaxing the stomach flora and the intestines by activating healthy bacteria.

  • Maintaining healthy weight

The nutrients which are consisted in dates are preventing fat deposition. By consuming dates on empty stomach you can trigger the process of preventing deposition of fat tissue. Because they do not have cholesterol in their content, will help you to reduce your weight. But be careful because they have sugar in their content, so reduce the intake on minimum.

  • Cholesterol regulation

As we mentioned before you can consume date on daily basis to lower your cholesterol level. Dates are great cleaners when it comes to blood vessels and prevented fat.

  • Prevent stroke

Since they’re rich in potassium, they maintain the health of the nervous system and prevent the occurrence of strokes. In fact, 400 mg of potassium daily can lower the chances for stroke by 40%.

  • Improving heart health

For a healthy and strong heart prepare this remedy: Put some dates in a cup of water and leave it overnight, strain the content in the morning and remove the seeds, blend the seeds and consume the powder.

  • Regulation of blood pressure

The great presence of potassium and no presence of sodium is great choice for the people who have problems with hypertension. Consumption of 5-6 dates per day will provide you 80 mg of magnesium. This mineral helps in spreading the blood vessels and improving the flow of the blood. Recent study showed that 370 mg of magnesium can lower high blood pressure.