Stop Throwing Away Empty Toilet Paper Rolls. Here Are 10 Ways to Reuse Them Around the House

After reading this article you will never throw away toilet paper rolls away because they can be extremely useful. If you think again it is better to recycle and be creative than just making garbage.

Before get rid of the toilet paper rolls read the article below and do something creative:

  1. Store toy cars in DIY containers

This decorating solution will help you your kids’ toys to be on one place. Use a carton box, for example you can use shoe box and stick the rolls with glue. Use as much rolls you wants or as much the box gathers.

  1. Seed starter

You can use toilet paper rolls to place seeds in them. The cardboard will decompose gradually and you will get nutritive substances for your plant. At first cut the roll in half and make four long slits on one end of the roll. Make four flaps in order to fold the end. Here you go, you have seed container.

  1. Mirror decorations

You will get whole new mirror and wall decoration after using toilet paper rolls. Cut the rolls into smaller loops. Glue the small loops in the pattern you like. Now glue them around the mirror.

  1. Wrapping paper storage

Use a toilet paper roll to keep the wrapping paper firm and safe and not loosen and unravel.

  1. Get cords under control

Organize your cords with this simple solution with paper roll and wrap the cords up in it. And this way you can get rid of untangling part.

  1. Scarf containers

Organize your drawer and place your rolled scarves in them. This solution is effective and recommendable for reasonable usage of storage.

  1. DIY gift container

Use your creation and few steps to prepare gift box. All you need is gift wrap, scissors and toilet paper roll. Wrap the paper roll with the gift paper, cut and glue. After this pinch the two sides and fold the end, tape it and closed at the end and you have gift box.

  1. Organize your office desk

This trick will help you to organize your desk and to look beat and appealing. Use a color spray to spray the toilet paper trolls and glue it on the cardboard. Here you can use it as pens, pencils containers and other office supplies.

  1. Yarn organization

Wrap some yarn on the roll and you will have neat yarn and what is more important in one place.

  1. Feed the birds

Take a roll and apply some peanut butter, this will help you to spread some bird seeds and not to fall out. Leave it outside and watch the birds enjoying.