They Say That Microwaves Are Bad for You, but This Is What They Don’t Tell You

Microwaves are used by 90% of American households every day. They are based on a technology that channels heat energy directly in the food which makes them a very fast and effective method of cooking. A microwave has a magnetron producing wave energy which turns molecules from positive to negative. The polarized molecules radiate million times per second which damages their structure.

A study conducted by dr.Hans Hertel who is a renowned biologist and food scientist confirmed the effects made by eating microwaved food. The study included 8 people who ate raw food, conventionally cooked food and microwaved food for 8 weeks. Blood tests made at the end of the study showed changes in the blood chemistry of the subjects. According to dr.Hertel, the destructive impact microwaved food makes can’t be handled by any living organism over a longer period of time.

We are sure you have noticed that the food you cook in a microwave oven isn’t always evenly heated. This is due to the fact that microwave energy can heat only foods that contain water, and because not all food molecules contain the same amount of water the food can’t be evenly heated.

There was another study conducted at Stanford University which discovered that if breast milk is microwaved it loses the disease-fighting properties. In the 1990s a lawsuit was filed against a hospital in Oklahoma after a patient died because of receiving blood heated in a microwave oven. An interesting fact is that microwaves were prohibited in Russia in 1976 because of their negative effects on the overall health.

The following list contains only a few of the negative effect of regularly consuming microwaved food:

-It causes long-term brain damage

-It could lead to cancer cell growth in the body

-When you microwave your food it loses nutritional value, minerals and vitamins

-It can cause stomach and intestinal cancer

-It can weaken your immune system

-It causes poor concentration and memory, reduced intelligence and emotional stability

-Microwaving cereals and milk turns some of their amino acids into carcinogens

-Microwaving veggies turns their alkaloids into carcinogens

-Microwaving frozen fruits turns the galactoside and glucoside from them into carcinogens