How To Eat Papaya Seeds To Detoxify Liver, Kidneys And Heal Digestive Tract

Papaya fruit has been described as the “fruit of the angels” by Columbus because of its taste and consistency. It is also very healthy and provides has many positive effects on the health which include anti-inflammatory properties, healing wounds, indigestion, cancer, normalization of blood sugar levels, as well as treatment of heart diseases.

When you eat other fruits you probably throw away the seeds, but be careful when eating papaya. Its seeds are considered the healthiest part of this fruit. They can be consumed in any form: ground, crushed, raw, or mixed with honey, milk, in salads… If you want to use papaya seeds to treat particular problem, keep reading. You will be amazed by what it can do.

They can detox your liver

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have used these seeds to detox the body thus improve the function of the liver. Using papaya seeds regularly removes all the toxins from the liver and they are also very helpful for people suffering from fatty liver (liver cirrhosis).

If you were diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, consume 5 papaya seeds twice every day for a month.

In case you want to use the ground variation, add the powder in lime juice and drink the mixture twice a day for a month.

Papaya seeds improve the digestive health

These seeds have very powerful anti-parasite and antibacterial properties and they promote the elimination of harmful microorganisms from the digestive system.

In case you have food poisoning it is good to know that consuming just one tablespoon of this seed can destroy all the harmful bacteria because papaya has strong anti-pathogenic properties.

They reduce inflammation

Arthritis, gout, asthma, joint pains and other inflammatory diseases can be soothed by eating papaya seeds because they contain enzymes called papain and chymopapain which have potent anti-inflammatory properties.

They can detox your kidneys

In case you have a toxic-induced inflammation of your kidneys, eating papaya seeds will reduce the inflammation due to its antibacterial properties.

They lower high blood pressure

Papaya seeds contain a compound called Carpaine which contributes to the improvement of cardiovascular health, and papaya leaves reduce diastolic, systolic as well as arterial blood pressure. These properties have been tested on lab rats and have shown that papaya seeds can indeed dramatically improve heart health.

Cancer prevention

Flavonoids are a phenolic compound that acts as natural antioxidant and decelerates the growth of tumor cells, and the phytonutrient isothiocyanate is very efficient in the prevention of colon, breast, lung and prostate cancer. Both of these compounds can be found in papaya seeds.

They work as natural contraceptive

You should know that if you are trying to conceive, avoiding this fruit is a must. People from India have used papaya seeds as a natural contraceptive, and also studies have shown that eating these seeds reduces sperm production.