7 Things To Stop Doing Immediately If You Want Back Pain To Go Away

Experts claim that sitting too much is the main reason for the occurrence of back pain which can sometimes be very painful and it can even affect your mobility. Lower back pain is very common, and even though it is not easy to treat there are some things you need to stop doing it to prevent or reduce this type of pain. The following 7 are the worst habits that cause back pain

  1. Lifting heavy objects

When you need to lift or move a heavy object avoid doing it by yourself or at least use special equipment.

  1. Not exercising regularly

Performing exercises can help your muscles become stronger; it will prevent or alleviate back pain and also improve blood flow.

  1. Not sitting properly

Sitting in a slouched position causes pressure on your joints, muscles and spine discs which leads to pain. Every doctor will confirm that sitting properly is necessary if you already suffer from back pain.

  1. Don’t focus on diagnose

It is very hard to determine what causes your back pain, so don’t expect diagnose from your doctor in order to try and fix the problem yourself. Statistics show that in 85% of cases the cause of back pain cannot be specified.

  1. Bending often when not necessary

The pressure on the spine discs increases when you bend forward which causes low back pain. This is why you should avoid bending when you can and regularly perform exercises that focus on backward bending.

  1. Using passive treatments

Using ice, heat and ultrasound only provides a temporary relief. Exercising is the best way to reduce lower back pain, so consult a physical therapist to find out which exercises are the best for you.

  1. Avoiding to face the problem

Not acknowledging that you have back pain will not make it go away. Visit a medical specialist especially if it lasts longer than 7 days. The longer you wait to start the treatment, the longer it will take to solve the problem.