A Woman Had Lemon And Honey For A Whole Year And Something Interesting Happened

Crystal Davis is a woman who wanted to try an experiment with honey and lemon. She wanted to confirm if these ingredients are as healthy as they are believed to be. That is why she started a yearlong experiment with only warm water, honey and lemon. When the year passed she could not believe the results she got and she immediately started telling her loved ones to try it too.

Lemon and honey have been used to treat cold and flu for many centuries, yet people don’t know all of the benefits about these powerful natural ingredients.

Honey – has antibacterial properties, it speeds up the healing processes and makes the immune system stronger

Lemon – rich in vitamin C it also makes the immune system stronger.

Mixing these two ingredients creates a very powerful natural cure not just for cold and flu but for many other health problems as well.

Crystal’s experiment

Crystal used to get sick so often that she became a regular shopper at the pharmacy stores. One day she got sick of it and decided to try something different and natural. That is when she drank the first glass of lemon juice and honey. Since she noticed positive results, she kept drinking the beverage every day before breakfast. One of the changes she noticed included:

  • She had more energy in the morning even without coffee
  • She was able to lose weight easier and faster
  • Her urinary problems were gone
  • Her skin became smoother because of the collagen in honey and the blood cleansing properties of lemons

If you want to try this experiment too, this is how to prepare this recipe:

Squeeze one lemon and add the juice and 1 teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water. Drink it every morning before breakfast. You will notice positive results after just a few weeks.