People who suffer from joint pain are often unable to perform everyday tasks. Joint pain can affect anyone, old, young, male female… It is a condition that causes inflammation, swelling and a feeling of discomfort. The degree of the pain is variable it can be mild, severe, acute or chronic. The causes of this condition are usually gout and arthritis, but they also include injuries, leukemia, broken bones, fibromyalgia, strained muscles, lupus etc.

However, if you are lucky enough to be in the group of people whose pain is somehow tolerable, avoid these 10 foods to prevent it from becoming unbearable. Here are the top 10 foods you should avoid:

  1. Sugar and artificial sugars

Consuming sugar causes cytokines to be triggered, which are an inflammation agent. According to experts sugar causes pressure on the joints. Also be careful with the drinks you are consuming as they usually contain lots of sugar, because they can even cause rheumatoid arthritis in women, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Sweets, snacks, sodas, candies, pastries should all be avoided, but you can always use substitutes for sugar such as molasses, honey or Stevia.

  1. Red and processed meat

This food contains chemicals that increase the pain and inflammation process. A compound called glucan was discovered in red meat by the National Academy of Sciences. It was proven that this compound worsens the inflammation, and even promotes cancer growth.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a study which discovered that there is a link between red meat and inflammation markers.

  1. Eggs

Eating eggs regularly causes even more inflammation and swellings because of the arachidonic acid in the yolk. This acid makes the inflammation worse. The saturated fats in the egg have negative effects on this condition too.

  1. Beer

Too much alcohol also affects the joint health. Drinking beer especially worsens joint pain because it contains purines which are being converted into uric acid when digested – uric acid has devastating effect on joint pain. The gluten in beer also has negative impact on the joints.

  1. Dairy products

Dairy products are high in proteins which irritate surrounding joint tissues thus worsening the pain. Cheese, milk, butter all contain saturated fats which also make the pain worse. You can substitute these products with almond, soy milk, tofu or margarine.

  1. Grains and refined flour

The high glycemic index of these products supports the inflammatory process. Studies have shown that consuming wheat and grain cereals leads to chronic autoimmune diseases and even cancer. You can substitute them with coconut, almond, whole grain or brown rice.

  1. Monosodium glutamate foods

Pay attention on the food labels when grocery shopping. MSG is an additive which is widely used to improve the flavor but it is very harmful for people who are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

  1. Whey proteins

These proteins cause the production of uric acid which can lead to inflammation when consumed in large quantities.

This condition is called gout and usually people who already have gluten sensitivity also suffer from it. A study conducted in 2013 has discovered that foods that do not contain gluten are able to reduce the inflammatory processes and insulin resistance.

  1. Corn oil

You should know that this oil contains high levels of omega-6 acids which are extremely dangerous for people suffering from joint pain. These acids have been linked to the appearance of inflammation. So, to prevent the problem from becoming even bigger, avoid consuming large amounts of soy, peanuts, salad dressings, grape seeds and safflower oil.

  1. Refined salt

The table salt most people use disrupts the fluid balance in the body which causes loss of calcium. Junk foods contain large amounts of this kind of salt which is high in additives and chemicals. Reduce salt intake to moderate levels or switch to Himalayan pink, or sea salt.