You Probably Didn’t Know This: You Should Never Eat Cucumbers and Tomatoes In The Same Salad!

Each type of food requires a different digestive environment. This is why modern hygienists, physiologists and Ayurveda recommend you not to mix certain types of food as they could lead to digestive issues. These digestive issues include stomach ache, nausea, and fatigue, problems with elimination, un-east, gas and bloating.

Combining incompatible foods on the long run could increase the risk of chronic inflammation, poor sleep, low energy, chronic digestion issues, dry skin, rashes as well as bad breath. For example, tomatoes and cucumbers are the most common salad mix but even though they taste delicious, they should not be combined.

Both these vegetables have different digestion time which means the one that takes more time will get digested as soon as the first one is completely digested. This mixture will also lead to the issues we mentioned above.

This combination is not the only one we commonly use. There are also other foods that we eat together not knowing about their incompatibility. Here are some of the mistakes we usually do:

Eating fruits after a meal

Avoid eating fruits right after a meal because their digestion time is very long. This causes digestive problems such as acid reflux.

Macaroni and cheese

Even though this is the favorite meal of many people, macaroni and cheese should not be eaten together. The protein in cheese and the starch in macaroni have different digestion times so their combination also leads to digestive problems.

Meat and cheese

Both meat and cheese are rich in protein and they should not be eaten together because consuming too much protein from one dish is not good for the body,

Noodles and orange juice

Noodles contain starch and the acid from the orange juice destroys the enzymes in the stomach that are responsible for the digestion of starch.

Vegetables and cheese

Combining these two foods results in bloating, so make sure you avoid eating them together.

Banana and milk

Even though they taste great together, the combination of banana and milk results in slower digestion.

Fruit and yogurt

This combination is very common for breakfast however, it is harmful for the intestinal flora and also slows the digestion.