Do You Know What the Half Moon Shape on Your Nails Means? The Answer Is More Important Than You Think

The nails have a much more important role in the human body other than being polished. They can give you warning signs for many serious health conditions and even cancer. Are you familiar with the term Lunula? This is the highly sensitive part at the end of your fingernails that is crescent-shaped that you should be careful not to damage.

10 must know facts about the Lunula:

1.You should never damage it

2.The name Lunula is a Latin term for small moon

3.The white color comes from the fifth basal epidermal layer which has blood vessels underneath

4.Not everyone’s Lunula is visible. It can sometimes be completely or partially covered by the thickened layer of the skin around the fingernails and toenails

5.Damaging the Lunula can cause permanent damage to the entire nail

6.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lack of Lunula could be a sign of anemia and malnutrition. Pale Lunula on the other hand is considered as a diabetes sign

7.Red smudges on the Lunula could be a symptom of heart disease

8.Small Lunula sometimes points to slow metabolism and toxin overload

9.The whiter the Lunula the healthier you are. Also, having ivory colored Lunulae on 8-10 of your fingernails means that you are perfectly healthy.

10.If your fingernails are smooth, glossy, tough, ruddy and restrained and if the Lunula is visible it means that you are healthy and energetic

Fewer Lunulae means less energy and reduced health. If your thumbs are the only fingers with visible Lunula it could be a sign that you lack energy and you might get sick