White Vs. Brown: Which Eggs Better To Buy?

You have probably wondered which eggs are better, the white ones or the brown ones. Most people don’t even know why eggs have different color. However, the color is not the only difference because one kind is more expensive than the other. This is why we are going to explain to you the difference between brown and white eggs so that next time you go shopping you will know which eggs to choose.

The difference is in the chicken

The breed of the chicken determines the color of the egg. A chicken that has white feathers lays white eggs and chicken with reddish-brown feathers lays brown eggs. So, the color of the egg is determined by the chicken breed.

Are brown eggs better than white eggs?

The egg quality is not linked to the egg color. White and brown eggs actually have same taste and nutritional value and their shells also have the same thickness. The color of the egg does not cause differences in the egg shells, actually it is the age of the chicken that does. The eggs that younger chicken lay have harder shells while the older ones lay eggs that have thinner shells. Once again, brown eggs and white eggs are only different in color.

Why are brown eggs often more expensive?

People may think that if brown eggs are healthier only because they are more expensive than white eggs. However, the reason for the higher price is that the chicken that lay the brown eggs are much larger and require more food.

Important tips

Home-raised chicken are more likely to lay brown eggs. Brown eggs are usually tastier and have a more vibrant yolk because of the food the chicken are given.

Yolks also say a lot about the health of the chicken. Since we are talking about eggs it is important to mention that they are very healthy and should be consumed more often.