She Poured Listerine on a Cotton Ball and then Rubbed it onto Her Armpits: Few Minutes Later, She Could Not Believe Her Eyes!

Many people don’t even know about the numerous ways to use Listerine. For example, do you know what happens after you rub your armpits with a cotton ball soaked in Listerine? Keep reading to find out more about the ways to use Listerine and the benefits it can provide.

Listerine contains very beneficial ingredients such as thyme, eucalyptus and alcohol which make it so powerful and efficient.

Here are some of the most prominent ways to use Listerine:


Store-bought deodorants are filled with chemicals that can be very harmful for your health. Listerine can successfully eliminate unpleasant armpit odors when applied using a cotton ball.

Toenail fungus

To treat this issue, soak your feet for 30 minutes in a Listerine bath. For even better effects add some white vinegar.

Toilet cleaner

Listerine can freshen and clean your toilet seat much more efficiently than chemical cleaners. Pour some of it in the toilet bowl and then scrub it good using a brush.

Insect bites

To stop itching caused by insect bites apply Listerine for a quick relief.


Massage your scalp with Listerine and then wrap your head with a towel. Leave the towel on for a while and then rinse your hair as you usually do.

Pet fleas

Listerine can remove the fleas from your pet just as good as the expensive store-bought products. Rub some Listerine directly on your pet’s fur or add some of it in the shampoo and then use it to wash your pet.


The appearance of acne can be reduced by applying Listerine every morning and night directly on the affected area.

Clean your toothbrush

Soak your toothbrush in Listerine for a few hours in order to remove the bacteria.

Screen cleaner

Wipe your TV or computer screen by spraying on some Listerine and then remove the dirt using a soft cloth.

Trash smell

Soak a paper towel in Listerine and place it at the bottom of an empty trash bag in order to reduce the unpleasant smell. Your kitchen will smell fresh and minty.