A Man Had 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil 2 Times per Day in 2 Months. His Brain Changed

The following article is about a man who suffered from Alzheimer’s and the unusual discovery his wife made that helped him recover and feel much better. This man, Steve, is the husband of Dr. Mary T. Newport who is a pediatrician. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in his 50s. This condition is very common and affects many people all around the world. After being diagnosed with it, Steve started forgetting things, he was confused and his everyday life has become very difficult. In Alzheimer patients the hippocampus, amygdala and the frontal and parietal lobes start atrophying and become damaged.

Dr. Mary wanted to do something to help her husband other than using medicines. She thought that his diet can affect her husband’s condition greatly. She discovered that Ketasyn AC-1202, which is one of the drugs her husband was prescribed, contains coconut oil. This is why she decided to start giving her husband natural coconut oil instead of the medicine. She combined 2 tablespoons of coconut daily with the food she was giving to Steve.

After only 2 months of taking coconut oil, her husband became more alert, happier and also talked more. In 1 year he recognized familiar faces and communicated with his family. The quality of his life as well as his condition improved.

Coconut oil and Alzheimer’s disease

The brain is an organ in the body that requires proper nutrition as any other body part and organ. Actually, the brain needs 60% of the glucose from the food you eat. Coconut oil is very efficient in regenerating the brain neurons and nerves after they are damaged. This natural remedy can also be of great help in treatment of Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and drug resistant epilepsy.

The neurobiology of Aging conducted a study in 2004 in which it was discovered that cognition in adults with memory issues can be improved with the help of coconut oil. This study included 20 patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other related conditions. Half of the participants were given coconut oil and the other half placebos. The group that was given coconut oil had increased beta- hydroxybutyrate beta-OHB levels, which is the strongest ketone in the body, 90 minutes of the treatment. Coconut oil has beneficial properties for the metabolic processes in the liver’s glycogen stores too. It also helps you reach ketogenic phase and burn excess fat.

In case you want to try this treatment with coconut oil, avoid sugar and gluten in order to protect the intestinal flora.