Why You Ought to Rub Your Feet Before Going to Bed

The majority of people spend most of their day walking or standing. This is why a good massage at the end of the day is more than needed. Foot massage is not just relaxing. It can also affect your mental and physical health very positively. Foot massage is one of the techniques used in reflexology. Reflexology is a part of alternative medicine which says that our hands and feet have nerve endings called reflexes. These nerves are connected to organs and systems in our bodies. Thus, by massaging those points you provide relief to the organs connected to them.

Regularly massaging your feet can be very beneficial for your health. Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits that you can get from foot massage. It is free, easy and also efficient and the best part is you can do it yourself.

Health benefits of daily foot massage

Improved blood circulation

Blood flow can be greatly improved through foot massage. Every night before you go to bed massage your feet for about 10-20 minutes. This way you will also prevent burning sensation, tingling and numbness. This technique is particularly beneficial for people with diabetes.

Promotes better sleep

Foot massage will also help you sleep better if you suffer from insomnia or irregular sleeping patterns. Foot massage promotes free flow of energy in your body because it activates the meridians and relaxes you.

Fights anxiety and stress

Foot massage can also help you relax your entire nervous system thus relieve stress and anxiety. In order to do so, apply pressure on both sides of your foot at once. This way you will find the right point which is at the center of the scrunched area.

Relieve lower back pain

Massaging your feet every night will also help you reduce the lower back pain. Press along the arch of your feet using your thumbs for about 5 minutes.