If You Have Sciatica Or Back Pain, Take This Remedy And You’ll Never Suffer Again!

Sciatica is the pain caused by a pinched or irritated sciatic nerve that is felt in the lower part of the back, buttocks and leg. Even though it is not a diagnose, it is a problem that affects many people. Besides the strong and sometimes unbearable pain, sciatica can also cause numbness or tingling sensation in the legs.

Taking painkillers only provides a temporary relief. Instead of taking medications, experts recommend performing exercises and yoga stretches that target this area in order to treat the problem efficiently.

However, we are going to present a remedy that can relieve the pain and treat the sciatic nerve.

If you are still wondering whether the pain you feel is caused by sciatica, here are the most common symptoms of this condition.

Symptoms of a pinched sciatic nerve

  • Pain that starts in the lower back or hip and goes to the buttocks and leg(s)
  • Tingling sensation in the leg(s)
  • The pain is much worse when you sit
  • Difficulty moving, weakness or numbness in the foot or leg
  • Stabbing pain sensation that causes difficulty moving and standing
  • Constant buttock pain

Recipe for treating sciatica and back pain


  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 200 ml. milk
  • A little honey


Crush the garlic cloves and cook them over low heat, then add the milk and stir until it starts boiling. Remove from heat.


You should consume this mixture once a day until you notice improvement. Garlic can help reduce and prevent the swelling of the sciatic nerve due to the anti-inflammatory properties it possesses.


This remedy will be even more efficient if you also exercise or perform stretches that provide relief. The pain will reduce and even disappear if you do just a few stretches for several minutes every day.