10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

  1. Becoming emotionally distant

The victim can easily observe this however it is usually hard to accept. Becoming emotionally detached from a person you love is heart-breaking. Even though you don’t want to accept it, emotional distance is what comes before an ending of a relationship. A potential cheater will distance emotionally much easier than confront the problem. Anyway, this is a cowardly act no matter the reason.

  1. Lack of intimacy

Intimacy and sex are normal for two people who love each other. In case one of the people in a relationship shows no interest in both, it could be a sign of infidelity. This is particularly true in cases when there were no other issues regarding sex or intimacy. This type of behavior indicates emotional or physical distance. Lack of physical connection in one relationship is always a serious issue.

  1. Need for privacy

We are not talking about the normal “me time” that should be included in every healthy relationship. Everyone needs a little time for themselves, however if your partner constantly avoids you or uses excuses such as “Just let me be”, “I need some time to think” or “I need to be alone” it could indicate that there is a much more serious issue in your relationship.

  1. Sudden defensive attitude

People who are in a serious relationship are aware of the personality differences they have with their partner. You get to know your partners flaws and you gradually understand and accept them. However, if your partner becomes defensive if you notice a sudden change in their behavior, it could be a sign of a problem. Every healthy relationship should include rational dialogue and if you lack this there probably is something you should be worried about.

  1. Irregular financial habits

Monetary resources are valued by both partners in a serious relationship. Outgoing money is something that should be discussed and accounted for. However, if your partner starts to spend too much money without consulting you or has expenses that can’t be accounted for, it could be a sign of infidelity.

  1. Becoming fashion-conscious

Almost everyone wants to look their best for numerous reasons such as to look professional and respectable. However, a dramatic and sudden change in appearance is not very common particularly for those that showed no or little interest in their appearance in the past. People who have a midlife crisis usually change their style as a way to look younger. Also, the desire to look more attractive to the opposite sex is very possible.

  1. Ignoring your “inner-circle”

It is very common for cheaters to become distant from your friends or family. It may be a sign of a problem in your relationship because cheaters are more comfortable to separate from people who are close to you than to come clean about their feelings. It is even more alarming if you and your partner had very close social circle in the past.

  1. Guarding their phone/computer etc.

Even though not many people do this, some people actually go through their partner’s phone or computer. There is nothing wrong about this but if your partner has something to hide he/she will always try to keep the phone away from you.

  1. He/she is always late

Respecting your partner’s time is another part of a healthy relationship. People have responsibilities such as having kids or other obligations which are only some of the reasons why you should respect your partner’s schedule. Sudden lack of responsible behavior is an indicator that your partner is disrespectful of your needs.

  1. “Something came up at work”

Unexpected things happen at work. Many of us are required to give our best at our job. However, like all the other things listed in this article, context is key. If your partner is unable to rationally explain why he/she didn’t come home on time, there probably is something he/she is trying to hide. Using work as an excuse is very common, however if  your partner has nothing to hide he/she will give you all the details about the reasons for being late.