Forget about Water with Lemon: This Is the New Hit for Weight Loss and Detox!

You probably don’t know the ability of grapefruit juice and water mixture to freshen your organism and also give your metabolism a boost. Grapefruit is a low-calorie fruit that can speed up the weight-loss process and is also rich in vitamin C which is very important for the health. If you want to lose a few pounds fast, all you need to do is drink this grapefruit mixture.

Grapefruit and water mixture


  • ½ grapefruit
  • rosemary
  • warm water


Put all the ingredients together in a glass, stir and then drink it. The mixture works best if consumed on an empty stomach.

Drinking this mixture for 12 days could help you lose up to 10 pounds of extra body weight.


Grapefruit should not be combined with certain medications as it may cause side-effects. Consult your doctor first before trying this weight-loss drink.