10 Signs She or He Is The Right Match For You

Before finding the right person to marry we meet different people in our life. This is how we can determine what we actually want in our partner and what we don’t. However, if you are one of those who still haven’t found their soulmate, don’t be disappointed. No matter how hard you think it is, finding the right one for you is actually very easy. The only thing you should do is check if your partner has the following 10 qualities.

  1. Things in common

Let’s face it. You don’t have much to do with someone if you don’t have at least one thing in common. Even though you may compromise at the beginning, enjoying the same things with your partner will make your relationship much better. It is much harder to stay in a relationship if you never do anything together.

  1. Talking about the future

Planning the future is sometimes hard, but when you are in a relationship it is natural to plan ahead. For example, when you are going during the summer, or the following concert of your favorite band. If your partner wants to discuss future plans with you it is a good sign that he/she is serious about your relationship.

  1. Friends

If your best friend can’t stand your partner’s best friend, your relationship can become very difficult. You will probably have to choose between one of them which can turn into a test of the strength of your relationship.

  1. Talking in we

If your partner uses the word “we” more often than “I” you can relax because this means he/she has serious plans for you.

  1. Family

When you are casually dating someone, their family is the last thing that comes on your mind. However, if things are more serious your partner will want to introduce you to his/her parents. This is one of the best signs that your relationship will last.

  1. Stopped looking

When you are single or you are dating casually you spend a lot of time looking for a potential partner. However, once you find the person who makes you happy everyone else becomes unimportant.

  1. Speak daily

People who are casually dating don’t spend a lot of time texting or talking to each other. But if you are in a serious relationship you want to use every opportunity that you can to call your partner and vice versa.

  1. Show new things

When in a serious relationship a person wants to introduce their partner to almost every new thing that goes on in their life.

  1. Mundane is fun

If you are only dating for fun, you will probably lose interest in the person if you are not doing anything exciting. However, when you are in love just being in the same room with your partner can be just as good as going out.

  1. Make up quickly

Having arguments in a relationship is perfectly normal, but remaining angry at each other for too long is a sign that your relationship is not that healthy. People who are in love want to find the solution to the problem quickly in order to get back to normal as soon as possible.

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